360° On-Board Video: Circuit de Catalunya

A Lap With Marcus Ericsson

11 March 2017

360° On-Board Video: Circuit de Catalunya

HUD (Head-Up Display) with track map! Hop aboard our 2017 Formula One race car, the Sauber C36-Ferrari, for an on-board lap with Marcus Ericsson at Circuit de Catalunya! As usual, we’ve added some extra bits of information. This is a 360 degree video, so look around and enjoy the ride!

We start in the garage, where the car is fired up and the heating blankets are removed from the tyres. The car chief signals Marcus to enter the pit lane. As Marcus leaves the garage, you’ll get a glimpse of the speed car that was used for the awesome car-to-car footage we took during our filming day (we’ve added a video showing some of that footage at the end of this post). The HUD shows you exactly where on Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya you currently are. It will pop up after Marcus’ practice start at the end of the pit lane.

If you’re on a mobile device, the video will only play with 360° functionality when using the YouTube app.

Recorded with a KeyMission 360 camera.

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