The BIG #FancyF1 Voting

Your Favourite #FancyF1 Images? Vote Now!

13 December 2016

The BIG #FancyF1 Voting

Our #FancyF1 image series was exclusively published on Instagram so far. It combines F1 imagery and art. If you’re not on Instagram, you might have missed these unique and stunning images. We’ve collected all #FancyF1 images in this post so all our fans can enjoy them. Watch the video or scroll down to vote.

#FancyF1 2016 – The Video

#FancyF1 2016 – The Voting

Vote for your favourite #FancyF1 image: swipe left (or click the red button) to vote down or swipe right (or click the green button) to vote up!

After rating all images, you’ll see an overview of the results. Are your favourite images in pole position?

Comment below: How did YOU enjoy the 2016 Formula One season? Which of the races was YOUR favourite race of 2016?

If you’d like to create such arty images yourself, read our blog post “A 4-Step Guide To Publishing #FancyF1 Images”.

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