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Pioneers when it comes to social interaction. Pioneers regarding publishing exciting and immersive 360° content. And now the first Formula One team with an official presence on Reddit! Bring on the banter 🙂

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Do we have to explain YouTube?! Well, that’s an easy one, and we can do it with one word: videos. So go visit our channel and check out our many videos and various playlist on YouTube!

Sporty: Sportlobster

sportlobster-logo-ogp Do you know Sportlobster, the sports community? If you’re into sports (there’s much more on there than just Formula 1!) go check it out!

2017 Singapore GP - Marina Bay Street Circuit #SauberF1Team #25YearsInF1 #ChineseGP #F1 #Formula1 #FormulaOne #motorsport

Bid and win! Your bid supports Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation! Meet the Sauber F1 Team at the 2017 F1 U.S. Grand Prix and get 2 Grandstand Tickets. #F1 #USGP

2017 Chinese Grand Prix - Sauber F1 Team - #SauberF1Team #25YearsInF1 #ChineseGP #F1 #Formula1 #FormulaOne #motorsport

2017 Chinese Grand Prix - Sauber F1 Team - #SauberF1Team #25YearsInF1 #ChineseGP #F1 #Formula1 #FormulaOne #motorsport

2017 Chinese Grand Prix - Sauber F1 Team - #SauberF1Team #25YearsInF1 #ChineseGP #F1 #Formula1 #FormulaOne #motorsport

2017 Chinese Grand Prix - Sauber F1 Team - #SauberF1Team #25YearsInF1 #ChineseGP #F1 #Formula1 #FormulaOne #motorsport

2017 Chinese Grand Prix - Sauber F1 Team - #SauberF1Team #25YearsInF1 #ChineseGP #F1 #Formula1 #FormulaOne #motorsport

2017 Chinese Grand Prix - Sauber F1 Team - #SauberF1Team #25YearsInF1 #ChineseGP #F1 #Formula1 #FormulaOne #motorsport

2017 Chinese Grand Prix - Sauber F1 Team - #SauberF1Team #25YearsInF1 #ChineseGP #F1 #Formula1 #FormulaOne #motorsport

2017 Formula 1 Heineken Chinese Grand Prix – Sauber F1 Team Race Report - #SauberF1Team #25YearsInF1 #F1 #ChineseGP #Formula1 #FormulaOne #motorsport

2017 Chinese Grand Prix - Sauber F1 Team - #SauberF1Team #25YearsInF1 #ChineseGP #F1 #Formula1 #FormulaOne #motorsport