Coming Soon: Sauber C36-Ferrari

Our race car for the 2017 season

Coming Soon: The Sauber C36-Ferrari

Everyone at the factory in Hinwil is working hard on our race car for the 2017 season.

Various changes in the Formula One regulations for 2017 will make the new cars look quite differently from the 2016 cars, in particular the lower and wider rear wings, but also the front section of the cars will see a different layout compared to the previous year. Furthermore, F1 tyres will be wider in 2017.

Pre-season testing will take place in Barcelona, Spain, in February (27th February – 2nd March 2017 and 7th March – 10th March 2017), the first race of the 2017 Formula One season will take place on 26th March in Melbourne, Australia.

Meanwhile, we recommend to take a tour of all Sauber race cars since our first footsteps in motorsport.

Or click HERE to read up on the Sauber C35-Ferrari, our race car for the 2016 season.

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