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Sauber C35-Ferrari

Our race car for the 2016 season

A new approach

With only a few changes in the regulations for the 2016 season, the Sauber C35-Ferrari is based on three key facts: a slightly different aerodynamic philosophy, adapting to changes within the power unit architecture as well as weight reduction.

For the development of the Sauber C35-Ferrari, we slightly changed the philosophy of how we developed the car aerodynamically. It sounds little, but the impact on the development of the car is significant. When looking at the Sauber C35, it is very much an evolution.


Packaging as a key


The packaging of the 2016 power unit changed. This had an impact on the design of the monocoque of the Sauber C35. Moreover, this year’s gearbox from Ferrari also allowed the designers/engineers to take advantage of a tighter packaging, a more aerodynamic packaging in terms of bodywork. The side pods are smaller and packed tighter than they were on the Sauber C34. This also affected the cooling system, which has been pushed tight.


There are few areas in the car where weight has been increased. It was a challenge for the designers to take weight out of other areas, so that was a focus right away through the design procedure, and quite a demanding one as well.


More Sound

In terms of regulations the exhaust system is slightly different. In the 2016 season teams must have either one or two wastegate tailpipes. For 2016 we have a single rear wing pylon which passes through the tailpipe.


Due to the regulations the cockpit rim has been increased in height for driver protection. There will also be a small high-speed on-board camera to capture the movements of the driver’s head for accident analysis.



Besides the supersoft, soft, medium and hard tyres, Pirelli will introduce the new ultrasoft tyre for the 2016 season.



For engine suppliers the number of tokens has increased from 25 last year to 32 in 2016, which gives them more freedom in changing the structure of the power unit. The Sauber C35 engine, energy recovery system and gearbox are again supplied by Ferrari.


Chassis carbon-fibre monocoque
Front suspension upper and lower wishbones, inboard spring and damper elements (Sachs Race Engineering) actuated by push-rods
Rear suspension upper and lower wishbones, inboard spring and damper elements (Sachs Race Engineering) actuated by pull-rods
Brakes brake callipers (Brembo), carbon-fibre pads (Brembo) and discs (Carbon Industries)
Transmission Ferrari 8-speed quick-shift carbon gearbox, longitudinally mounted, carbon-fibre clutch
Chassis electronics MES
ERS Ferrari
Steering wheel Sauber F1 Team
Tyres Pirelli
Wheels OZ
length 5,150 mm
width 1,800 mm
height (without T Camera) 950 mm
track width, front 1,460 mm
track width, rear 1,416 mm
Weight 702 kg (incl. driver, tank empty)


Manufacturer Ferrari
Configuration V6 90°
Displacement 1,600 cc
Bore 80 mm
Stroke 53 mm
Valves 4 per cylinder
Maximum revs 15,000 rpm
Turbo charging single turbo
Maximum fuel flow 100 kg/h
Maximum fuel capacity 100 kg
Injection 500 bar – direct
Units per driver 4
Battery energy (per lap) 4 Mj
MGU-K power 120 kW
MGU-K maximum revs 50,000 rpm
MGU-H maximum revs 120,000 rpm

Video: First fire-up of the Sauber C35-Ferrari

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